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that pic got notes cause we see things you don't. like the fact that you're hot.

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why did the ugliest picture of me just get notes stop this

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omfg luv u

sup bitches

found these at urban outfitters too

yesterday in cincinnati

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spin car round push your head down down down
smashing to the ground with you
there’s been a piece of glass found and a terrible sound, sound
what if what they’re saying is true?
oh i prefer it in your bed; television set

don’t you hate when you’re trying to keep from crying and someone brings up your situation and then you just can’t stop crying

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literally no one cares about me

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how you can feel ugly i mean you are so fucking hot you have no idea what is being ugly, im ugly as fuck so shut up ily anyway

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i am. sorry it’s true. we all think we’re ugly