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just realized you can see louietv in the reflection of the door…

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ok so i start college in a few weeks (if i don’t decide on moving….) and i’m nervous as heck like why am i suddenly in college now i am not ready for this



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best roller coaster out there

What do you look like

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good luck hope i dont crack your screen

well fuck me if you must then
treat me like an old friend
i can’t exist within my own head
so i insist on haunting your bed


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The 1975 Haunt // Bed

Kiss me sweetheart :*

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u gotta buy me a MacBook, my fall semester tuition + books and a new catalytic converter before we can go that far!!!

No, I honestly think you're very attractive! And your tattoo is great, as well

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Awwww you’re too kind. Thank you so much anon 💘


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So today at Cedar Point I got a lot of stares and some compliments on my tattoos, it made me feel really good. That people even take the time to appreciate my unique tattoos and tell me that they like it. It made me so happy ☺️

so i kinda love you ok bye

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wat have u seen me im hideous

Wow your face is nice. Good job on the face, friend. A+ xx

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LMFAO is this a joke???

I have too many asks to handle sometimes sorry. Lol but keep them coming I love hearing from y’all!